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The Game of Moving Emotions
A Game of Self Discovery
We have created color therapy devices for years and recently developed a Board Game that embodies color therapy principles without talking about them...All of us have our favorite colors those colors we feel most comfortable wearing, and being around. Your natural attraction to certain colors vs. other colors is a perfect place to start to investigate what makes you feel calm vs. irritated etc...Your personal Choices of colors are doorways into your Emotions and how you perceive what is stressful for you. We created our board game Titled Game of Moving Emotions drawing upon our Experiences in the transformational field of color therapy. The Game of Moving Emotions is a game of Self Discovery through the power of color associations. Using your imagination and visualizations to build, Trust, better communications and relationships.

Moving Emotions

I tried the game out with my partner and was amazed by the results. Not only did we have breakthroughs in our understanding of each other, our feelings, our vantage points and our communication styles, but it was a tremendously beautiful personal journey as well. I was especially touched by all the layers of human being that were accessed and the nature of the emotional movement that flowed through the game. This was a beautiful experience that I hope to further incorporate with clients in my work as a psychotherapist.
-Amy Finlayson LMHC

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Welcome to EyeOasis and the LightStream Stress Relief System


What if there was a simple way to reverse the effects of stress in your life?...and what if it only took 4 to 5 minutes? By the way, it's fun, it's easy and it works!
After years of research, it has been discovered that light and color can create in you, feelings of joy and pleasure. It's well known that music affects our moods while the effects of light and color have largely been overlooked.

This application contains multiple color programs and involves three steps:

The first step is a preprogrammed selection of brilliant colors that evokes brain responses that can transform uneasiness and muscular tension into a more productive state of creativity. This initial program is your introduction to the Light Stream journey.

The second step involves making your personal selection of colors relating to your current state of mind. This becomes part of a record of your responses. In this process you are able to discern the colors that balance your emotions and produce a state of relaxation and clarity.

In step three you can incorporate music of your choice which enhances your sensory experience. From this place you can begin to overcome the limitations of your stress. Welcome to a world of possibilities!

A Visual Training Response Helping You,
Breakthrough Your Stress Reactions

Stress relief from Visual stimuli that helps

change Brain electrical energy stuck in repetitive patterns.
The difference between Responding and Reacting to Stress is like day and night, peace of mind vs. endless worries

Our responses to stress are as different as our finger prints.
Experience Stress Relief, don't just talk about it!

We are inspired by the natural scientists Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and Dietrich Gumbel PhD and how they saw light and color as a vital connection between plants, animals and our own health. While there are differences between how plants and animals metabolize light energy, there are similarities in terms of photochemical information to cellular systems.
We offer self-guided journeys using our Light Stream device. Your response to colors can act as a road map to past memories and serve as a catalyst to change unwanted memories to positive ones.

Responses to Light
Light and color are powerful tools that can help rewire neural connections within the brain.  We are also focused on the photochemical responses within the retinal capillaries.

Testing for Effects of Phototherapy with Diabetics
In the Spring of 2006 tests were conducted with Type II diabetics. Blood samples were taken before and after exposure to visible light. After the blood samples were examined under dark field microscopy, there was enough positive data to warrant further investigation. In May of 2007 we continued our studies with Type II diabetics. The data we received suggests the need for more in depth research. The before and after blood glucose changes, over a period of four months, were significantly lower. Tests suggest that phototherapy, using our proprietary protocol, might assist in lowering blood glucose levels.

Mission Statement
Eye Oasis provides light and color equipment for use by the general public to achieve healthier and happier lives. Eye Oasis focuses on a complimentary and holistic view of health involving the interconnected nature of the physiological and psychological within the human body.

Stress is the state of tension induced from an actual or perceived threat. In either case our Bodies' Visual system is intimately involved in responding to a threat or a perceived threat in the form of repetitive worrisome thoughts.

Our visual system is designed to protect us as well as provide information to us.

Part of our visual system is the hypothalamus which signals the adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisone preparing the body for "fight" or "flight" responses.

We react quickly to what we not only see but what we see or imagine in the "mind's eye" in the non visible. The sight of a tiger can be as threatening as thoughts of unpaid bills which ones is Negatively visualizing or seeing within oneself.

Light and color introduced into the eyes stimulate the bodies' innate capacity to balance actual or perceived threats and return to a Healthy place and energy flow.

Our specifically designed visual programs help you transform your stressful thoughts (negative inner visions) into supportive new Thinking.

Experience Stress Relief don't talk about it.

Personal Testimonial: Years ago I suffered a head injury from a car accident.I experienced depression,memory lose,and high levels of anxiety. I went to numerous psychologists,but nothing seemed to work for me.I Started Using my own lighting device the Light Stream in the mornings.Within a week or so I started Experiencing less stress,and actually developed a safe and fun way I call
Visual Training Response that helps me to this day.When I start to worry now a days I quickly Visualize from my training and my worries are shorten. In my opinion much of our stress is self generated so with proper training it can be released sooner.

Lighting for Visual Relaxation

Lighten your Stress with relief from color & light

Stress relief through Your Eyes

Right Before Your Eyes Lie Great Discoveries

Harnessing Visible Light for Greater Health

Expand Your Options for Health Care

Light Stream - Our Product and Phototherapy Method
With Light Stream we create a light treatment for your eyes that is a complimentary health modality with psychological and physiological effects.

Your use of the Eye Oasis Website and the Materials contained therein is at your own risk. By using the Website you acknowledge that Eye Oasis is providing the Materials to you for informational purposes only, and that neither Eye Oasis nor its licensors are providing the Materials to you for the purpose of giving you medical advice. Eye Oasis and its licensors strongly urge that you consult with a physician in connection with any and all treatment options that may be available to you and independently verify any treatment information on which you intend to rely.

I ONLY make lighting Devices for Special Orders
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